Bucket Challenge for MND


A couple of weeks ago Annette Johnson nominated me for the challenge so today Joan, my mother-in-law came to talk to the year 5/6 children about MND and it’s affects on people in our community.  My father-in-law died of it about 3 years ago so it is a charity close to my heart. Some of the other teachers also volunteered to take the challenge with me so thanks to Mrs Redford, Mr Kirwan, Mr Kavangh, Mr Micallef, Miss Laby and Mr Newel.  Luckily it turned out to be a lovely afternoon so the whole school could watch.


Very funny video, look how much the teachers are loving pouring the water onto their co-workers!

The wet look… Time to go home for a warm shower!




  1. Christopher 5/6 JCC

    I thought that it was pretty funny to watch a teacher do the ice bucket challenge. I wish that my teacher would do the ice bucket to. Did you collect any money for MND? I also love the idea of having a Christmas count down clock. Did you know that you can get a online pet for the blog? Here is the URL http://bunnyherolabs.com/adopt/ if you don’t under stand the rest you can watch a YouTube video on it. Me and my class would love it if you left a comment on our blog. Here is the URL http://judycc.global2.vic.edu.au/sample-page/

    -Christopher 5/6JCC

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