2D and 3D shapes

The children researched picked a 3D shape to research and then presented it to the class.  Well done everyone some excellent work was completed.

IMG_1917 IMG_1915 IMG_1912IMG_1907

Watch this video to help you remember

1. the names of the shapes
2. the number of sides for each shape, faces, vertices and corners.
3. the number of angles in each shape

This video is a lot longer than the first but has some excellent information in it.


if you are a bit confused about vertices, faces and edges, this clip will be so very helpful.

This clip will help you draw 3D shapes


  1. lorelei

    We are up to 2d and 3d shapes!!
    Can’t wait to come back to school to see you all!
    I leave on the 21st and it’s a 22 hour flight!!!!
    I know it might seem strange but I can’t wait till I am back at school!
    You guys will need to keep me up to date with everything you have been doing.
    See you soon,

  2. L.C

    Hi 5/6DO
    Great blog love all your posts about learning and all your work you have done I am from 5/6JCC in North Balwyn if you would like to reply to me that would be great our blog is called Mrs CC’s blog at globa2.vic.edu.au copy the link over there to reply 🙂 http://judycc.global2.vic.edu.au/

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