Area of a Rectangle
This You tube clip is very corny but it might help you remember. See if you like the song!

Area of a Square
It is the same as a rectangle but you might like to watch so you really remember. Again you will laugh at her voice but her teaching is spot on.

Area of a Triangle
This girl must be your age and she is fantastic in this clip. I am sure you could all make your own clips and I could add them to our blog.

Area of a Circle using radius and diameter. Both of these videos are worth watching to help you understand area of the circle.


  1. Hanna and Isabel

    Isabel and I have watched the area videos and have some comments to share…..
    : Isabel
    I thought the videos were interesting but some of the songs were a little….. Interesting…? But the ones that weren’t, “interesting” were very educational and I learnt a lot. But as I said the others were great! And I’ve still got that weird song stuck in my head!!!!
    I thought that all the videos were very educational yet the first one was very stupid. We thought that the 4th video was hard to understand and the method used was very complicated. We thought that the last video helped a lot and we understood it more than the 4th video.
    Isabel and Hanna.

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