Blogging Guidelines

This blog is a way for us to share our ideas and our learning with other people. Sharing our learning means that it is very important that we understand how to use the blog and the internet in a secure way.

The following guidelines have been established to ensure the safety of our students when blogging. The guidelines are also reminders of how to use the blog to improve writing and keyboard skills.

Blogs are in a public space – be proud of anything that you write or post. Do not post anything about yourself that you wouldn’t like to see posted world wide.

Student work will only be identified by first names. All comments should have first names only.

Parents who leave comments are asked not to use last names either. (Please post comments as “John’s mum” or “Megan’s grandfather” etc.)

All comments submitted have to be approved by Mrs Rennison before they are included on the blog. Inappropriate or sloppy writing will not be approved.

Proof read your comments carefully. Students should have a family member check for spelling mistakes before submitting a comment.

Currently only Mrs Rennison has access to post things on the blog.

Always write in full sentences and words – no “mobile phone talk” please!

Do not post information or pictures of others without their permission.

NEVER post your full name or the full name of others: only first names or usernames.

NEVER post any details about where you might live: “Hi I’m Jack and I live on 1234 Oak street in Melbourne” BAD! “Hi I’m Jack and I live in Melbourne” GOOD!

NEVER post any information that may lead to your identity. Be careful of any information you reveal. “I play soccer for the Lightning-my game’s at 7:30 this Saturday” BAD! “I play soccer during the week” GOOD!

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