Canberra Camp 2014

WWW: What   Went Well

Emily B: Our cabins were   excellent with a maximum of 6 people in them.

Abbey T: At Questacon we   were able to go on the Free Fall

Max: Questacon had a lot of   fun activities like the Earth Quake House.

Max: In AIS in the Sportex   area the activities were tiring and a huge amount of fun because we were able   to train like an athlete

Hanna: The windy evening at   Telstra Tower.

Harry: We were able to see   most of the attractions in Canberra

Tom W: the food was great   and there was always lots of fun activities to do.

John: The plane and flying   home

Lily: The teachers were very   organised about what we had to do and when we had to be there.

Mikeely: We were able to   see athletes train at the AIS.

Hanna: the kangaroos and   rabbits outside our cabins and the jumping pillow.

Emily: being able to walk   around in the park and being trusted to do the correct thing.

Calista: Staying up late at   night and chatting to our friends in our cabin.

Max: Parliament house was   very interesting especially The Senate (Red) and the House of Representatives   (Green).

Emily: Having lots of   organised tours and not just doing activities ourselves

John: Free Wi-Fi at   Parliament House.

Hanna: watching teachers   and friends go on the free fall.

Calista: Buying gifts and   souvenirs for our families.

Ethan: having fun with the   H2O machines at Questacon.

Max: Having the experience   of seeing lighting strike at Questacon

Abbey M: Getting to   experience the Earth Quake House

Tom: Playing air-hockey   against the robot at Questacon.

Abbey T: We were able to   spend time with our friends from the other classes

Matt: Being chained to the   chair, like a convict at the Museum

Lorelei: Seeing the model   of Canberra and watching the light display.



EBI: Even   Better If

Mikeely:   If we didn’t have to go to so many places per day.  We wanted to stay longer at; Questacon, War   Memorial, Telstra Tower.

Lily: A   movie that actually worked during movie night.

Matt:   Charging points on the bus so we can charge our devices.

Max: If we   saw more athletes at the AIS

John: A   different place to stay where it was just us so we didn’t have to be mindful   of holiday makers.

Harry: Go   for longer so we could spread the activities out so we could have spent more   time at the attractions.

Emily:   Heat the dining area.

Calista: Wi-Fi   in our cabins

Max: Hot   water ran out very quickly.

Will: Fly   both ways or leave on Monday so more time.

Calista:   Try to go when Parliament was sitting or the High Courts.

Abbey T:   Told who was on duty earlier so we could be more organised.

Lily: Need   all students to stay for kitchen duty not some leave early



Our Expectations

Calista: I am looking forward to being more independent and going to all the different places.

Tom T: I think the best part of the camp will be the Australian Institute of Sport.

John: I want lots of time to talk in our room.  I am looking forward to being away from my sister and she will have to do all the jobs.  We are driving through my Aunt and Uncles town and past their house.

Ethan: I am looking forward to a good time. I want to see Parliament House and how it is run.

Matt: I can’t wait to be with my friends.  The best part will be the Australian Institute of Sport and Questacon because Questacon looks very informative.

Tom R: I want to share time with my friends and have a great time at the Institute of Sport.

Harry: I am looking forward to going to the swimming area and the pools at the AIS.

Hanna: I can’t wait to go to Telstra Tower at night time and looking at the lights.  I also want to make my own coin at the Mint.

Inigo: I am looking forward to going somewhere I haven’t been before.

Abbey M: I am looking forward to Questacon because the pictures on the internet look good.

Mikeely: I went to Canberra a couple of years ago so I am looking forward to see if there are any changes.

Lily: I am looking forward to learning about all the different things and experiencing the attractions.

Abbey T:  I can’t wait of the Institute of Sport because I love sport and Questacon  looks great.

Lorelei: Questacon should be the best part of camp

Tom W: I can’t wait to spend time with all my friends and going to the AIS.

Isabel: The slide at Questacon should be the best part. I have been before.

Jye: Telstra will be the best because I have never been there before an people have described it as very interesting.

Max: The AIS will be the best part and the Questacon and the Telstra Tower.

Kajol: I am looking forward to the Telstra tower because I have never been on a night tours before and I would like to.

Will:  Questacon will be the best part because all of the pictures on the internet look really good and I want to try some of them.




Our First Camp meeting with Mrs Redford, Mr M and Miss Verna.

Wow it is in only 8 sleeps..

IMG_2415 IMG_2416 IMG_2417





If you bring your phone, iPad, iPod or camera’s make sure you bring a charger the staff will not have spares. Remember your devices will need to be handed in at night.

If you want to take you pillow that is fine but make sure there is room in your suitcase so it can fly home in your luggage.

Don’t forget we leave at 7:15 be here by 7 am on Tuesday 29th and collect your children at school because the bus will drop us here from the airport.

Please pack 2 bags of lollies, one for the bus and one to hand in and be shared through out the camp.

It is recommended the children only bring $20.

No spray-on deodorant because it is not allowed on the plane only roll on please.


Bus A = Year 6 students

Bus B= Year 5 students

Touring Buses

Bus A: Mr Kirwan and Miss Laby

Bus B: Mr Kavangh and Mrs Dinneen


Maths Assignment:

Your Task: Plan a trip to Canberra for your class.

You will be staying at ‘Capital Country Holiday Park’ 47 Bidges Rd, Sutton NSW 2620.

You must create a map from your school to your destination. The routes you take to and from Canberra must be different. You can use Google maps but must give your own directions.

You will also need to find the address of the following landmarks and the compass direction from your camp to these landmarks:

  • Telstra Tower.
  • AIS Academy.
  • Parliament House.
  • Royal Australian Mint.
  • War Memorial.
  • Estimate how long it will take by car to arrive at these destinations from your camp.


You are also entitled to visit an extra venue on the last day of camp which you can research and need to provide:

  • The address.
  • The compass direction to the venue from camp. Estimate how
  • What are 3 other landmarks that are located nearby? What direction are they?



  1. Isabel M.

    Hi everyone!
    I’m really looking forward to going on camp it should be lots of fun and supply lots of laughs and sleep walking! The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the cold weather! And I thought 15 degrees was cold!!!

    From Isabel

  2. Emily

    Hi guys I cant wait for camp – only 9 days away! Just a quick question – is 5/6DO in tour group A or B

    Thanks bye

  3. Hanna

    Hey guys,
    Camp is only a week away and I’m really looking forward to it!
    Although I do agree with Isabel, I won’t like the cold weather at all.

  4. Will

    HI! its Will here from St bedes, Balwyn north. (mr nichols blog)
    I think is awesome how u guys get to go to Canberra!!!
    we only got to go to anglesea….
    Keep up the good work!

    • Claire and Bernadette

      Thanks so much Will for writing to us. I will get some kids to reply to you as well tomorrow.
      We had a great time in Canberra in fact I think all the kids loved it, we were so busy. We are very jealous because you now have Ms Fitzgerald. We loved her when she taught here because she did teach us so much…even me.
      Hope to hear from you again

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