Theses clips might help you understand the concept of Confirmation.  You also might be able to gather some ideas to help you design and make your own clip which you will present to the class closer to our Confirmation date, June 13th 2014.

This first clip is a long clip about 7 minutes but there are a lot of different people speaking about their experiences as well as an American Bishop.

This clip is interesting to listen to.  The priest explains the history of Confirmation and the changes that have taken place in the East and West.

The following clips have been made by students they might give you some inspiration when designing and making your own clip.

This first clip has about 2 minutes of credits at the end.  Please don’t do that when making your own it is a waste of time.  The information is the important part of the clip.

This is a lovely clip but some facts are incorrect. Confirmation is not a rite of passage, it is not a coming of age, or an entering into adulthood in the church. It is one of the 3 sacraments of initiation and can be done at any age…there is not age requirement.

Please when you are designing your video be careful with your facts.

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