Decimals and Percentages


During the next few weeks we will be working on decimlas, percentages and fractions.  I will be adding you tube clips and power points explaining different concepts before we complete them in class so if you would like to view them first and become an expert have a go then  prove it to us straight away without having to complete all the different activities.  In some of the power points there are activities for you to complete in your maths books.  These will all help you with your matrix.

This power point will help you understand tenths.


This power point will help you understand tenths and hundredths


This will help you order fractions



This power point has some great activities for people to practice.  If you can do all of them you could be very, very wise. Good Luck.



Good luck with the forward thinking


A quick easy way to learn about how to work out the percentage of a number. Have a watch it is worth it email me if you have any problems, or ask on Tuesday. See you soon.

In this youtube click he shows you 2 different ways to find the percentage of a number. Both are very interesting and very different to the way I normally do them. Remember that all ways are fine you need to find the way that suits you. I will show you my way in class

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