Earn And Learn

Welcome to our Earn and Learn page. 5/6 DO are learning to discover all about growing up over the next few months. As a class are starting up a whole community!

We have already learnt about the annoying par of growing up, Budgeting! We Learnt about superannuation, taxes, insurance and weekly pay slips. We have negotiated rent and other bills  which have been individually quoted depending on where students sit within the classroom, And just like in the real world,  these deductions will be taken out of our weekly salary.

We have learnt how to conduct or take part in an interview- which will be very handy when we have to appoint at Deputy Prime Minister, Treasurer and Shopping Centre Manager next week to get the community up and running.

Stay tuned as the community starts to unfold before our eyes, as the shops open up and the money starts rolling in!

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