We have been working really hard on learning about the environment and the world around us. We discovered that we can have a positive or negative effect on the environment. After many immersion activities, we created our own key questions, based on what our small groups were particularly interested in. To find answers to our questions, we used many tools and strategies- making phone calls or emailing experts, going to visit particular people who could offer help, using digital sources and traditional sources such as articles.

We decided that once we had answers to our questions, we needed to use our information in a way that would actually make a difference to our world and environment. Each group used a process to come up with different ways to reach our target audience and then had to decide which one would get the message across most effectively.

For some groups this means organising guest speakers, creating a short film, building a bird bath, bird house and feral cat trap, designing and putting up posters and more.

The photos show some groups in action.IMG_0608 IMG_0614 IMG_0611 IMG_3107

Welcome Miss Xing and Week 5

We would like to welcome Gina Xing to our class.  She is with us for 2 weeks this term and then again next term for 3 weeks.  Miss Xing is completing a Masters Degree in Primary Teaching.IMG_3103


This week in Maths we have been studying Fractions.  We have been participating in workshops, playing games, working on IXL and Studyladder as well as using the Fraction wall.

IMG_3107 IMG_3106 IMG_3105 IMG_3102 IMG_3101 IMG_3100 IMG_3098 IMG_3097 IMG_3096 IMG_3094

Social Justice Issues

IMG_2466For the last couple of weeks we with have been working with Mr K’s class  discussing Social Justice Issues.  We then split into small groups and pairs and completed a Y chart.  What it could loos like, feel like and sound like for being affected by the issue.  Today we presented our issues to the classes and then voted and what we each think are the top 5 Social Justice issues in our lives.



All the grade 5/6 children are getting very excited because, next week, we are going to Canberra for our school camp. We leave early Tuesday morning and spend the day driving there on a bus. It will be a very long trip! On Friday, tired and worn out, we catch a plane home again.

While we are away, we will be visiting some great places and experiencing many new activities. Some of the things we are looking forward to are:

  • going to the AIS to see all of its facilities. Hopefully we see some famous athletes! (Hanna)
  • Questacon – I want to try all the different activities because they look great (Abbey M)
  • Seeing the Telstra Tower at night time. The images I have seen of it at night are awesome (Will)
  • I just want to see what is there because I have never been there before (Max)
  • having my friends there with me because we will have lots of time to talk (Matt)
  • staying in a cabin with my friends because it will be like a massive sleepover (Jye)
  • I have been  to Canberra before so I want to see if it has changed (Mikeely)
  • I can’t wait to go down the Giant Drop slide at Questacon (Harry)
  • I want to see the views from Telstra Tower (Isabel)

Friday Soccer



On the 20th June, five schools (Laburnum Green, Blackburn Lake, Surrey Hills, St. Thomas the Apostle and Laburnum Gold) all gathered around at the Blackburn Secondary College to play the Winter Sport Round Robin Competition for Girls Soccer.

The girl’s team had a very nervous but confident start to the day.  The soccer pitch was extremely muddy, slippery and wet. But we all played together as a team and pushed past the barriers. The teamwork that the girls displayed was incredible. All of the girls in our team were a great sport and we had no put downs.

Our first remarkably great match was the muddiest of them all with Surrey Hills. We all dived through the mud and we confidently scored  7-2 which was our win. Our second match was with Laburnum gold and we all managed to win with 2-1. This round was a pretty close one but with the team efforts, we accomplished it. Our third match was with Laburnum Green and with our confidence soaring high; we won the game with 7-1. Our fourth and final match was with Blackburn Lake, the closest round that we had but somehow coped to win with 2-1.

Overall, our team of 11 girls provided us with a successful win with the excellent team work that we all had. It was fun and exciting; we all had a great experience and had a memorable day!  We would also like to thank all the wonderful parents who came to watch us and cheer us on.  It made such a difference hearing your voices.

As we worked as a team our efforts paid us back and we successfully got through to the next round, which will hopefully be play this week!



The mixed team also had  great day with one of our fantastic ex students coaching, Lachie Tie.  Thank you so much.

IMG_1934We were also very fortunate to have so many parents helping to cheer on our 2 teams.  Here is a photo of just a few.  Thank you again for supporting the teams and your brilliant, talented and considerate children.




The crystal clear water tricking down the steam.

The jagged rock sticking out of the cool water.

The tall pointy trees reaching to the sky.

The soft white clouds like fairy floss.

The rays of sun blazing down making the refection on the water.

The fresh green grass the softest thing to touch.

I’m amazed by what is in front of me.

By Abbey.M

The strange creature walks silently down the cold stream while the hunter waits in fear for his target. It swings a branch-like arm at a fish with scales that glitter in the sunlight. The creature puts it on top of the animal the hunter had slain earlier. The eerie silence is broken by an eruption of birds from the treetops, the hunter takes aim and shoots…

By Inigo

Descriptive Writing

We are concentrating on descriptive writing in class at the moment. We know that a great descriptive piece creates images in the mind of the reader. It also uses lots of adjectives to describe nouns, adverbs to describe verbs and similes and metaphors as well.
To inspire some of our writing, we used images from Click on our writing page above to read some of our wonderful descriptive pieces.